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Now it’s time for the hard work. The radical agenda of the left and establishment politicians has flooded into our state. We are faced with hundreds of bills this session that are a direct assault on our rights and are completely repugnant to the Constitution.

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Nikki McCarter - Republican


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Nikki McCarter will fight to preserve our liberties and freedoms guaranteed in the New Hampshire
and US Constitutions. She will always stand against government overreach. A state of emergency is not an avenue to bypass or suspend the constitution. A state’s regulations may not impede one’s constitutional rights. The establishment career politicians have demonstrated that they believe our rights are optional.

Nikki McCarter, State Representative District 8 - Belmont, Tilton and Sanbornton.  

Nikki’s Priorities on the job:

STRENGTHEN Election Integrity and Security

One day, one legal vote. Nikki will work with the legislature to eliminate no-excuse absentee ballots, eliminate same day voter registration, removal of electronic voting devices and fight for 100% transparency in our elections.

Create Easier Access to Substance
Abuse Resources

Nikki has lived a life surrounded by addiction and has seen first hand the terrible damage it does to a family and the community. Nikki will work tirelessly to help transform “Revolving Door” programs to create realistic avenues for people to get to the root of their problem. Let’s kick it once and for all together.

Stand on the Side of Liberty

Liberty and personal responsibility are the principles on which this country were founded. There are elected officials and bureaucrats that are working very hard to chip away at our freedoms and rights every day.  We need fighters in Concord to reject these radical bills and call them out. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. Do you need a copy of the New Hampshire Constitution or a pocket sized copy of the US Constitution? Click the contact tab and Nikki will send you one for FREE!    

Nikki McCarter - Republican for House Representative

Belknap County - District 8  •  Belmont - Tilton -  Sanbornton

A little bit about Nikki

Nikki McCarter moved to Belmont in 2009 and is extremely glad she did. She quickly fell in love with the beauty of Lakes Region, and her conservative neighbors made her feel right at home. Blue-collar, hands-on work has been Nikki’s life and she enjoys every minute of it. Whether it’s renovating a space in her home or tackling a new retaining wall in her backyard, hard work makes Nikki happy and she isn’t scared of trying anything! Nikki married the chef of her dreams in 2010 and absolutely adored his two beautiful daughters. Nikki is worried about the future for their girls and eventually their grandchildren which is why she’s now running for office. The future generations deserve the freedoms and liberties guaranteed to us, and Nikki will fight to preserve them.


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